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While there are differences in playing a real game of Craps at a real Casino and playing this Java applet version of the game, the concepts remain the same.  This game takes into account all the correct odds as well as the correct payoffs.  Therefore, when playing this game it is best to imagine yourself in Las Vegas playing with (and hopefully winning) real money!  Obviously, when playing in Las Vegas you don't need a Java enabled Web Browser.  However, in this game you will require Java Applets to be enabled on your Web Browser.

Your computer, the browser and the applet do most of the work for you.  Think of this game as having a very knowledgeable and helpful Craps Table crew.  The Stickman informs the applet what to do, when to do it and notifies you when certain actions need to be taken.  And the Dealer will keep you covered by making sure you have varying denominations of chips to make bets with and change your bet amount (when necessary) in order for you to get the best house advantage.

Just as in a real Casino, the Dealer and Stickman (the applet in this case) will not tell you WHERE to make bets or HOW MUCH to bet.  Rather, the details of taking the fullest advantage of free-odds and calculating the correct payoffs are handled for you.  All you need to do is point and click the mouse.

If you see any unfamiliar terms used please see the Glossary of Craps Terms.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

When you first enter the game you will notice a dark green craps table with 3X,4X,5X odds and $1,000 in your Bankroll (Note: these are the default options and can be changed by clicking on the Options button - see Options below).  You will also notice the text "COME OUT ROLL" under the dice.  This is displayed whenever a point has not yet been established.  Within the Don't Come area you will see a black round object with the words "OFF" inside it:Off .  This also tells you that no number has been established and you are "Coming-Out" on the next roll of the dice.

In this game (in fact, most any game of Craps) the following basic rules apply:

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Let's now step through a simple example of how to play the game:

That is all there is to it.  Other bets are made in the same manner.  For more information on the table layout, how to make bets, taking odds, etc. see Craps Table Layout Information

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For detailed information on how to use the Options screen see Craps Table Layout Information then click on the Options button from the layout or select the OPTIONS Button.

Basically, this feature allows you (the user) to determine certain game options, such as the Table Color, Initial Bankroll Amount and Free Odds Default to use.

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